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An Easy Complete Process

It is important that we understand your vision, equally we understand the need for revisions - it is an iterative process and the best works are not random.

Within our process, there are three opportunities for revision.  Three revisionary iterations provide focus.  This is important because it ensures all parties deliver a concentrated effort. This contributes to the success of projects.

However, if there needs to be more than three, so be it!  It's important to us that the final artwork is emotionally persuasive for you and reflects your design vision.
  1. Our process includes getting a design brief from you, with all the 2D drawings and a discussion on what you want from the final artwork. This can include the elements that appeal to your target prospects, whether you are looking for evening warmth, bright modern daylight settings or classic morning freshness.

  2. We then create a test design (that includes a choice of camera angles) to give you a sense of what the visualisation can look like. This also helps align our mutual expectations of the final artwork.

  3. We will then create the first draft and set it up on our online whiteboard to make it easy for you to communicate your revisions to us and so you 'll be able to track your project from start to finish with visual status updates.

  4. Once you are happy with the final artwork we will send the files to you. 

discuss in green icon 1.png
Discuss & Understand
icon 2 green housev2.png
First Draft Test Model
process house icon.png
Add Detail Consider Changes
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hummingbird blue.png
Final Work Approved

Discuss your plan - your vision and determine the best possible outcome. We  provide a finalised quote for each set of plans.

We will create a test design model to give you a sense of the design and ensure we have a meeting of the minds.

We will create a draft 3D image on our whiteboard for you to mark up any changes you want to include in the images.

Once you approve, we will send you the finalised creative artwork designed to your unique needs.

We want you to succeed!
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